Almond Chocolate Fat Bomb Recipe

Easy to make, easy to eat – Fat Bomb Recipe
Who Doesn’t Love a Delicious Treat?

Before we made adjustments to our eating habits we LOVED eating a treat after we put our kid down for bed. A few nights per week we would indulge in a whole pint of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Ben and Jerry’s for my wife and a pint of “The Tonight Dough” or something similar for me… Looking back, I’m not sure how we did it and didn’t gain more weight than we did!!!

Three years ago I decided enough was enough and made a huge change in my eating habits, and since then I’ve followed a ketogenic diet. I’m down close to 60 pounds since I made the switch, and I’m healthier than I’ve ever been.

God has a funny way of putting things in your life when you need them, and I’m certain life would be much more difficult for us if I still was eating the way I used to. I’m not sure I would have been as understanding – and shame on me – if she told me we weren’t eating carbs for dinner 3 years ago! Switching to the ketogenic diet taught me that life is all about choices, and sometimes you don’t have a choice, you just have to make a change. Lucky for me I had a choice to eat differently, but my wife didn’t have that luxury. Watching her adopt this way of eating has been so inspiring to me… She’s the strongest person I know.

So anyways… we follow a weird wacky diet, that is heavy on fat and protein, and super low on carbs. Because we don’t eat many carbs, our fuel source is fat, and fat bombs are DELICIOUS. We don’t get to eat those pints of ice cream anymore (but I do sneak some Halo Top every now and then…) We do however still indulge in tasty snacks together and our favorite is this Almond Chocolate Fat Bombs recipe.



Almond Chocolate Fat Bomb Recipe


  1. Place a saucepan on the stove on low heat.
  2. Add the almond butter and coconut oil and stir while they melt together
  3. Once melted add the cacao and the coconut flour while stirring
  4. Add the honey
  5. Continue stirring until smooth, and then remove from heat.
  6. Place a sheet of foil in an 8×8 baking dish and pour the mixture into the foil
  7. Drop the almonds evenly in the mixture
  8. Place in the freezer for 2 hours
  9. Remove from freezer, pull foil out (grab each side and pull up, you should have a brick of chocolate goodness!!!)
  10. Flip the foil upside down on a large cutting board, and slice your pieces of chocolate.
  11. Eat one or two or three… and place the rest in a storage container you can keep in the freezer.

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