Can Addison’s Disease Be Cured?

Can Addison's Disease Kill You

One of the first questions we had, when we learned of my wife’s diagnosis, was “Can Addison’s Disease Be Cured?” For most patients, the answer is no. Unfortunately, Addison’s Disease will not just go away with time.

However, if you’re suffering from Addison’s due to Tuberculosis, you can expect your symptoms to get better once you have effectively treated TB.

The New Normal

Once you’ve been diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, it’s necessary for daily steroid supplementation to keep you alive. Addison’s can be fatal if you don’t follow your daily dosing regimen. Following a dosing schedule can be a major inconvenience, especially early when you are learning what your new normal schedule is.

My wife uses a fitbit to keep track of her schedule. It’s been helpful for her to be able to set the alarms in the Fitbit app. By using the alarm feature she is easily reminded of when she needs to take a dose of meds, no matter what she is currently doing.

Can Addison’s Disease Kill You?

We live in an incredible era. Because of the advances in modern medicine, as long as Addison’s patients keep up with routine care, their life expectancy is relatively unchanged.┬áRoutine care includes regular physician visits, avoidance of dehydration, and the use of extra medication during illness.

Let’s talk a moment about dehydration.

Drink More Water

I’ve known my wife for almost 8 years, and she has always LOVED salt. It always amazed me just how much salt she would add to her meals, and up until diagnosis in October of 2016, it didn’t make any sense to me.

Also, prior to diagnosis if she told me she had a headache, or her muscles were sore, I would just tell her to drink more water… “That’s your cure for everything” she would say. Little did we know back then that she really did need to drink more water, and all that salt her body was craving wasn’t just a personal preference!

People with Addison’s are called Salt Waster’s because their bodies do not uptake sodium as efficiently as people without adrenal insufficiency. My wife takes salt tabs to help supplement her salt intake, and she carries a water bottle with her everywhere too.


In this post, we addressed three questions that most people have when they are first diagnosed with Addison’s Disease.

  1. Can Addison’s Disease Be Cured?
  2. Will Addison’s Disease Go Away?
  3. Can Addison’s Disease kill you?

These questions and the discussion around them can be heavy, but life is heavy. We understand how hard it is to have a discussion, especially when mortality is involved. Hopefully, now that you know the truth, you are a little relieved!

Supplementing with Steroids every day is certainly a bummer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t lead a complete and full life!

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