About Our Family

Hi! I’m Nick.

I’m the proud parent of a beautiful girl, and I’m the proud husband to an INCREDIBLE wife that is Living with Addison’s Disease.

On the outside, it looks like we are living the American Dream, and the truth is, we are! We have great friends, great family, and a beautiful home. I have a fantastic job that I love going to every day. That job affords us the ability for my wife to stay home with our young daughter.

Living with Addison's Disease family
This is our family

As we previously disclosed my wife is Living With Addison’s Disease.

My hope is that you’ve found this blog because you are in a similar situation. Maybe you have a family member with Addison’s, or maybe they have another autoimmune disease, or maybe you are the one afflicted.

The purpose of Living With Addison’s is threefold:
  1. Share weekly stories from our day to day lives. For most, this will be boring. We are boring, but we know our friends and family want this part the most.
  2. Share weekly examples of things we’ve done to help us lead more complete lives since diagnosis occurred.
  3. Invite you to connect with us, and share your story. When this disease entered our lives the information available to us was scant. Our mission is to help 10,000 individuals and their families lead fulfilled lives after being diagnosed with Addison’s and other Autoimmune Diseases.
I hope you enjoy our story about Living with Addison’s Disease,

and that the information you find on our blog can help you handle the day to day experiences you are sure to encounter on your journey.

Please connect with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.  We would love to hear your story.