Living With Addison’s

When we found out a family member had Addison’s Disease our life path changed forever

My wife and I were 34 at the time, and our daughter was just 3 years old. We had just moved into our first home, and we were living the American Dream.

I was working full-time in broadcast media sales while my wife stayed home to take care of our daughter. We’d travel a few times per year to visit our parents in Oregon and Colorado – we live in Idaho – but that was the extent of our traveling.

Our favorite past times included spending time outside at the local park or going out for dinner and an early movie. We lead a normal life.

We received the Addison’s Disease diagnosis in October of 2016, and those first few days were very dark for me. I read countless stories about all of the worst-case scenarios that could happen and I realized that our American Dream had drastically changed.

I was worried about our family’s mental health. I was worried about the financial costs. I was worried about death. I was in the worst brain fog of my life. But it didn’t take long to figure out this isn’t about me.

Life Adjustment

A few days after diagnosis my brain fog lifted, and I started getting a better understanding of all of the symptoms. Living With Addison’s Disease is a challenge we were ready to take on, we didn’t have a choice. We did, however, have the choice to make the best out of the situation.
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We sought information to learn about all of the different things that could cause our bodies stress. We took so many day to day occurrences that cause stress for granted.

Did you know that when you cough, your body produces cortisol to help you deal with the stress of coughing? That same hormonal reaction occurs when you stub your toe or skin your knee. Or when you watch someone stub their toe. Your body experiences stress all day long, and the only way we can handle that stress is through the production of specific hormones in your body. When you are Living with Addison’s disease, your body no longer adequately produces those hormones.

Through supplementation, you can lead a life similar to the life you lead prior to being diagnosed with Addison’s, but some adjustments are necessary. Having the knowledge of how the disease works, and how it affects daily activities was so important early on. We are constantly learning more about how to lead a fulfilled life, and maintain balance within our family.

My Purpose

I have always believed that God only puts things in your life that you can handle, and Addison’s Disease has proven to be my biggest challenge yet. First, I have a weakness, like most guys if I see a problem, my first reaction is to just try and fix it.

Unfortunately, with today’s medical capabilities you can’t “just fix” Addison’s Disease.

That’s a problem for me. You see I don’t have Addison’s Disease, my wife does. The love of my life. My world. The person I’m supposed to protect at all costs.

This blog isn’t about the sad that people Living With Addison’s experience. We’re not denying that there won’t be sadness. We know there will be. What we’ve found is that we can talk about all the sad, or we can be grateful for all the good. We’ve chosen the latter.

This website, Living With Addison’s, is about the happiness and joy in our lives, despite the struggles we face living with an autoimmune disease.

Our mission is to show 10,000 people and families that you can live a fulfilled and happy life when you are Living With Addison’s disease or other autoimmune diseases.

My hope is that you’ll find value in the content we provide here. If you or a family member is Living with Addison’s Disease, we’d be honored to connect with you and hear your story. You’re not alone in how you feel, and it’s so important to us that you know that.


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If you’re still reading, THANK YOU! You can read more about our family, and blog posts by clicking the links at the top of this page. This website’s purpose is to serve people like you and your family. If you like a post, comment on it. Let us know! If you don’t like a post, comment on it. PLEASE let us know. We’re not perfect, but we will do everything we can to provide the best content we can to help you on your journey of Living With Addison’s.






Medical Disclaimer: Much of the content on the blog will be from my point of view and is purely based on our experiences and what I have witnessed. I’m not a doctor, and neither is my wife. Any medical terms or steps that are outlined in this blog are based on our experiences. We recommend consulting with a doctor before making any health-related decisions for you and your family.